The future of celebrations: How will weddings, events and gigs look in the new normal

Weddings and Celebrations

– RSVPs will become mandatory and welcome greetings will include a temperature check.

– Designated empty chairs will be marked by place holders like teddy bears or floral arrangements, to ensure people don’t sit too close together. Slots will be marked on the ground to ensure distancing on dance floors.

– Guests are likely to receive health kits at the door. In destination weddings, this generally meant sun hats and lotion. Now, it will be sanitiser and masks.

– There will be online and offline guest lists as more events are live-streamed and webcast. Apps like WeDo are already retooling their offerings to accommodate, for instance, couples wishing to interact with their virtual guests.

Location Settings

– Events will be held outdoors as far as possible, as better ventilation is a safeguard against virus spread.

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– Even private events will likely add large LED screens, planners say, so that people don’t overcrowd staging areas.

– Wedding guests will be allotted slots and taken in small groups to wish the couple at a safe distance.

– Decorators, caterers and other staff will likely wear personal protective equipment suits throughout.

Whining and Dining

– Say goodbye to buffets and live stations. All food will be plated and served at table.

– Open bars will likely take orders at the table too, and deliver the drinks or hand out tokens.

– Tasting menus will be delivered to the host’s door, and feedback will be sought and orders placed via video or teleconference.

A Groom’s Tale

Achuthan Chari, 30, from Greater Mumbai, celebrated his wedding in early July.

The venue was his home (a few neighbours opened up their doors too, to accommodate 20 guests more safely). He ordered his bridal wear online. “Thankfully the boutique did not mess up,” he says.

His now-wife Janani Iyer took lessons on YouTube and her cousins helped with makeup. “It was actually nice. There was no chaos. We enjoyed the day,” he says.

All planning and coordinating was done online, says planner Sanna Vohra of Wedding Brigade.

Gig Ready

Forget Coachella and Glastonbury. Even local gigs, when they restart, will have only 20% occupancy and special safety measures.

n Instead of snack counters, expect mask counters and sanitation stalls.

n Spotlights will mark socially distanced spots on dance floors.

“I don’t foresee live events happening till May 2021. And the first step after that could be organising hyperlocal events. Forget wild nights and making new friends.”

— Harshad Chavan, Managing Director of Toast Events

Some wedding feasts may come to your door!

“We helped plan some very traditional weddings in May and June, with one difference. Since most guests were attending virtually via Zoom, we sent delicious food to over 20 houses on behalf of the happy couple.”

— Gurleen Puri, Wedding Planner

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