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It seems like we are back in 2020, when every day a new spike in COVID19 cases became a routine affair. In the present time, when we are again dealing with a lack of services, vaccination, and food, all we can pray for is a gentle hand of humanity, where we stand together and be helpful to each other. And one such example that we came across on Twitter is a man from Vadodara who has stepped up to offer help, in whatever way he can.

Meet Vadodara-based Shubhal Shah, who has offered to deliver free and hygienic food to those diagnosed with COVID-19. According to his tweet, “#Vadodara. We are here with you in this Covid crisis. If your family is suffering from COVID-19, we will deliver hygienic lunch and dinner at your doorstep, free of cost for the entire quarantine period.” Mr Shah concluded his tweet by saying, “We are not into any name, publicity or photographs. Please DM.”

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All you need to do is reach him through DM on Twitter. According to his Twitter bio, he is a financial consultant.

As soon as the tweet became viral, users started pouring in love and heart-warming gestures in support of his act of humanity. While many users shared that the act motivated them to do something similar at an individual level, others felt that his act of kindness doesn’t need any publicity.

Interestingly, his tweet got the attention of many NGOs too and on a brighter note, many of them have come in support and have decided to join hands with him to help the needy. Have a look at people’s reactions.

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