Top Learning Websites for Machine Learning and Data Science

Top Learning Websites for Machine Learning and Data Science


List of the Top learning websites for Machine Learning and Data Science to follow for valuable resources and news.

Top 20 Websites for Machine Learning and Data Science

Data science is booming exponentially in almost all parts of the world. Data scientists are highly sought after because they seem to have the “magical” ability to create value from data for data-driven companies and organizations.

Today, anyone can become a data scientist because of the internet. Yes, you heard me. You don’t need a college degree in Computer Science or a Ph.D. in Deep Learning to be qualified as a data scientist. As long as you can do what companies want you to do proffer valuable insight from data and help them grow their business and make decisions you are a data scientist.

In this article, I will help you with the ingredient of acquiring the vast amount of prerequisite knowledge for Data Science.

The epidemic of data science is still in its early stages and this is the quintessential time to get into the field. If you’re a beginner looking for the right free resources to learn data science or just to update yourself on data science news, then you’re at the right place. It’s vital to know this field is changing rapidly and being updated is imperative so that you won’t get left behind in the wave of big data.

I’ve done the heavy lifting for you and compiled what I think are the top 20 websites for data science and machine learning, which is a compilation of data science blogs, researchers, and news sites I read daily to keep tabs on the field. These channels cover a broad range of topics, from opinion to best practices, and include some of the top minds in the field.

Note: The purpose of making this post is to provide enough resources using which you can add something extra to your data skills. By no means, we’re promoting any brand here.

1. Machine Learning Mastery

Introduction: Jason Brownlee, the owner of this website has a Master’s and a Ph.D. degree in Artificial Intelligence and he has worked on machine learning systems for defense, startups, and severe weather forecasting.

Level: all

Type: blog, tutorial

Functionality: A top-down approach that focuses on working through a dataset end-to-end and getting a result with popular platforms like Scikit-learn, R, and Keras.

Best qualities: This website is great for beginners because it helps you get straight to using programming to do ML instead of reading the heaps of concepts and theories.

Best read: When I first started learning machine learning, his getting started guide was super helpful to me because it gave me a sense of what ML is and how I can get started.

2. Elite data science

Introduction: Elite Data Science is for time-constrained professionals and beginners who are looking for a simple path to data science and learn only the most relevant, commercially-viable tools and best practices. They skip the non-essential theory and math and instead take you through the most direct path to applying DS and ML at a professional level.

Level: All

TypeGuidesConcept ExplainersCode TutorialsCareer HelpTools & Resources

Functionality: As seen above, this website is great for explaining concepts, learning code, getting help career-wise, and finding tools and resources needed for DS and ML

Best qualities: EDS features a Data Science primer which is a mini-course that provides a brief introduction to data science and applied machine learning. According to them, If you’re a developer, analyst, manager, or aspiring data scientist looking to learn more about data science, then you’re in the right place.

Best readHow to Become a Data Scientist in 2019 (Hadouken!)

3. KDnuggets

IntroductionKDnuggets™ is a leading site on AI, Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining, Data Science, and Machine Learning and is edited by Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro and Matthew Mayo.

Level: all


Functionality: KDnuggets is a wonderful website filled with many useful resources it should be checked daily at the latest news section and you can get started on learning at tutorials.

Best qualities: It has a section of top stories over the past 30 days that presents the top 7 most popular and most shared articles.

Best readThe Future of Careers in Data Science & Analysis

4. Kaggle

Introduction: Founded by Anthony Goldbloom and Ben Hamner, Kaggle is said to be a one-stop-shop that provides all the tools to share and collaborate on data science projects. Its new feature — notebooks, is a quintessential platform for anyone to start with data science.

Level: all


Functionality: Kaggle is best used for learning and participating in competitions. It’s more of a learning platform where you can apply your skills and talent and compete with other data enthusiasts. You can also write code in Kaggle using its very own notebook which offers a no-setup, customizable, Jupyter Notebooks environment and it comes with free GPUs and a huge repository of the community published data & code.

Best qualitiesKaggle Learn and competition are some of the best platforms in Machine Learning and Data Science. Ask any Data lovers and they would know what Kaggle is. The notebook is also great as it eliminates the need to install any software and you can jump into writing code with ease.

Best readKaggle Blog

5. Reddit — r/datascience

Introduction: r/datascience is a place to talk about data, share data science experience, advise on becoming a data scientist, data munging, and more!

Level: all

Type: everything

Functionality: A platform to ask questions, share resources, talk, and many more.

Best qualities: This platform is especially great as experts and data scientists working in the field can talk about their experience and share their work-life with beginners and DS enthusiasts. Occasionally, the community also shares great resources for learning and mastering a skill.

Best reads:

  1. Some advice for young and aspiring Data Scientists
  2. How I went from no coding or machine learning experience to data scientist job offer in 20 months

6. Towards Data Science

Introduction: TDS Team is an international team of 15 people who work on the content that gets released on Towards Data Science. Every day they review the submissions from writers across the world and offer feedback to a multitude of authors. Their goal is to present well-written, informative articles that our audience is excited to read.

Level: all

TypeData ScienceMachine LearningProgrammingVisualizationAI

Functionality: TDS is a reading and learning platform. If you’re a writer at Medium, then you can submit articles to their publication and if you’re lucky, you will have the chance to write for TDS. I read TDS when I’m commuting on the train and the articles on it are always top-notch and informative.

Best qualities:

  1. Our picks — best articles hand-picked by TDS.
  2. Learn — concepts categorized into DS, ML, programming, and others for easy access to learning.
  3. Compilation and collection — An aggregation of articles that gathers exciting and diverse viewpoints on different aspects of Data Science

Best readMachine Learning — Towards Data Science

7. Analytics Vidhya

Introduction: Analytics Vidhya is managed by Team AV and provides a community-based knowledge portal for Analytics and Data Science professionals. Their goal is to become a complete portal serving all knowledge and career needs of Data Science Professionals.

Level: all


Functionality: AV is suitable for those looking for a platform to compete in hackathons and to practice their DS skills. The blogs and articles are also informative and fun to read.

Best qualities: AV has learning paths that provide clear directions for an end-to-end journey on various tools and techniques and competitions. AV’s very own DS adaptive test, DSAT, is perfect for those looking to test their skills and practice daily. Some competitions are free to join and they occur quite frequently.

Best read6 Challenging Open Source Data Science Projects to Make you a Better Data Scientist

8. Data Science Dojo

Introduction: DSD is founded by Raja Iqbal and it started as a meetup group in Seattle. With the mission to make data science accessible to everyone, Raja left his then-current job at Microsoft to begin Data Science Dojo as a business (DSDaaB) teaching data science bootcamps around the world. In a nutshell, Data Science Dojo is all about is teaching everyone how to use data to discover new insights and make well-informed decisions.

Level: all

Type: blog, Video tutorials

Functionality: This website is for those looking for tutorials and articles that talk about data science, data engineering, big data analytics, AI, and machine learning.

Best qualities: The website is very intuitive and easy to use. The featured articles are explicitly highlighted at the top of the website and scrolling down you’ll see top tags such as #datascience and #Analytics etc.

Best read101 Data Science Interview Questions, Answers, and Key Concepts

9. Data Science 101

Introduction: The creator of this blog — Ryan Swanstrom, is a thought-leader in big data and listed as one of the most influential people on the internet for data science.

Level: all

Type: blog, news

Functionality: This is purely a blog and it is for reading about concepts or the latest news in Data Science.

Best qualities: The website is simple and clean. There are also no ads, which means you can read articles peacefully and happily.

Best readTop Companies to work for if you are a data scientist

10. Geeks for Geeks — Machine Learning

Introduction: Geeks for Geeks is another infamous blog for computer science geeks. There’s just about everything on this website — from algorithms and data structures to interviews and internships. Their ML section is phenomenal and it provides a learning pathway for beginners.

Level: all

Type: blog, tutorial, articles

Functionality: It’s a massive collection of articles that are well-categorized and a great place for beginners looking for free resources.

Best qualities: It has practice problems that help people master programming needed in ML and DS.

Best readGetting Started with Machine Learning

11. Google News — Data Science

Introduction: Google News — Data Science covers the latest news and updates on the field of data science. Ranging from tutorials and blogs to industry news and startups. You can read myriads of articles from Forbes, TechRepublic, Infoworld, etc.

Level: all

Type: news

Functionality: Preferably read daily.

Best qualities: Google News has great UI and it has an android and IOS app too. So you can read it anywhere.

Best readWhat Data Scientists Do And How To Work With Them

12. Datafloq

Introduction: Datafloq is the one-stop source for big data, blockchain, and artificial intelligence. They offer information, insights, and opportunities to drive innovation with emerging technologies.

Level: all

Type: blog

Functionality: Fun to read articles to catch up on the latest AI technology and Big Data news.

Best qualities: Very organized and well-built.

Best readHow IoT and Machine Learning Can Make Our Roads Safer

13. Domino Data Science Blog

Introduction: Domino Data Lab’s mission is to support data scientists fulfill their expectations for their work and their potential. They help accelerate the work of data scientists producing and curating content into the following pages and channels: Data ScienceCodeMachine learningPractical TechniquesLeaders at workModel Management & Engineering.

Level: intermediate

Type: blog

Functionality: This blog has great articles that are for intermediate data scientists as the things they cover are quite advanced.

Best qualities: The website is very well-designed and easy to navigate. The articles are categorized well and organized.

Best readData Science at The New York Times

14. data36

IntroductionTomi Mester, the author of this blog, is a data analyst and researcher. In his blog, he gives you a sneak peek into online data analysts’ best practices. You will find articles and videos about data analysis, AB-testing, research, data science, and more…

Level: intermediate

Type: blog

Functionality: For reading about data science articles and following through great tutorials about DS tools.

Best qualities: A 50min video course on How to become a data scientist.

Best readLearning Data Science — 4 untold truths

15. Revolutions

Introduction: Revolution is a round-up of news about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science. It has an eclectic collection of interesting blog posts, software announcements, and data applications from Microsoft and elsewhere that Revolution Analytics (owner) has noted recently.

Level: intermediate

Type: news

Functionality: This blog is just a channel for the latest news so you can read up about Open Source AI, ML & Data Science, and the Industry News, which are updated monthly. This blog is also dedicated to news and information of interest to members of the R community. So it’s preferred that you are an R user.

Best qualities: The website is clean and easy to navigate.

Best readdata science news

16. Edwin Chen

Introduction: Edwin Chen — Math/CS/linguistics at MIT, speech recognition at MSR, quant trading at Clarium, ads at Twitter, data science at Dropbox, stats/ML at Google. He runs the blog and is great at explaining AI, stats, data science, human computation in his way.

Level: experts

Type: blog

Functionality: Brush up your AI, stats, data science, and ML knowledge.

Best qualities: Nice website and clear presentation of code.

Best readWinning the Netflix Prize: A Summary

17. Pete Warden’s Blog

Introduction: Pete Warden an engineer, CTO of Jetpac Inc, author of The Public Data Handbook and The Big Data Glossary for O’Reilly, builder of OpenHeatMap and the Data Science Toolkit, and other open-source projects. His blog has amazing well-structured short articles that are informative and didactic.

Level: experts

Type: blog

Functionality: This blog is for avid readers of Data Science who want to dig deeper into everything data and discover.

Best qualities: The blog is clean and nice to read.

Best readWhat Machine Learning needs from Hardware

18. InsideBIGDATA

Introduction: InsideBIGDATA is a news outlet that distills news, strategies, products, and services in the world of Big Data for data scientists as well as IT and business professionals.

Level: intermediate, experts

Type: blog

Functionality: For reading and catching up on the latest news.

Best qualitiesSpecial sections with articles about Data Science, Developers, Use cases, interviews, etc.

Best readScaling a Small Data Team with the Power of Machine Learning

19. Google AI Blog

Introduction: Google AI is conducting research that advances the state-of-the-art in the field, applying AI to products and new domains, and developing tools to ensure that everyone can access AI. Their blog brings the latest news from Google AI.

Level: experts

Type: research papers

Functionality: Google AI blog is for AI experts to keep up with everything new about Google AI.

Best qualities: Informative papers on the latest advancements in AI.

Best readTeachable Machine 2.0 makes AI easier for everyone

20. Nature Machine Intelligence

Introduction: Nature is a weekly international journal publishing the finest peer-reviewed research in all fields of science and technology. Nature Machine Intelligence is interested in the best research from across the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics and provides rapid, authoritative, insightful, and arresting news on said fields. All editorial decisions are made by a team of full-time professional editors.

Level: experts

Type: opinions, news, research papers

Functionality: Read the latest news and advancement in Machine Intelligence.

Best qualities: Nature has high-quality articles by top-notch researchers and experts. Their sources are trustworthy and reliable.

Best readTaking robots shopping

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