Residents generally consider an incense stick and incense cone as same.

But there exist countless differences between both of them. Certain aroma incense stick manufacturers in India manufacture only incense sticks. Other manufacturers are only into incense cones, and Aparna Groups incense stick manufacturers are into the manufacturing of both.

Here are some differences between an incense stick and an incense cone.

  1. Build & Shape: The most noticeable difference is the shape of both. While an incense stick is a long wooden stick covered with the ingredients, an incense cone is a little triangle-shaped piece of aromatic ingredients.
  2. Time to Fume: An incense stick takes less time to burn than an incense cone. Because of its thick structure, it takes a few more seconds to burn.
  3. Enduring Time: Many say that both last for almost the same duration. However, if the incense stick is kept correctly, it may last a few more minutes.
  4. Fragrance or Aroma: If you have got the incense stick or cone from one of the best quality fragrance incense stick manufacturers in India, for instance, Aparna Groups, there is no compromise in the perfume.

Aparna Groups, one of the leading wholesale incense stick manufacturers in Pune, manufactures and supplies incense sticks and incense cones of various aromas. Rose, Lavender, Sandalwood, Champa, Wild Wood, Nag Champa, etc. are some of the incense sticks aromas. Incense Cones (or Dhoop) come in three aromas. They are Cone Dhoop Agarbatti, Wet Dhoop Agarbatti, and Dry Dhoop Agarbatti.

We can answer all your questions about incense sticks and incense cone products. You can reach us by calling 8686493935 or using our WhatsApp chat on Contact.

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