Virgo Daily Horoscope: Astrological Prediction for Sept 1


People under this sign are logical, practical and systemic in their approach to life. However, these traits may not be much in evidence today in the professional field. Despite this, your day remains most satisfactory.

VirgoFinance Today

Your saving plan is likely to go in the right direction and keep you financially secure. Don’t let money lie idle in your bank account, invest in in fixed deposits or other saving instruments. Exploring tax-saving schemes is a good idea and so is paying someone in unaccounted cash!


VirgoFamily Today

With guests arriving at home, your chores are likely to increase, but meeting them will be well worth it, as it will bring a welcome change in your dull everyday routine. Taking time out from work to accompany your child to the playground will keep everyone happy in the family.

VirgoCareer Today

It may not be easy to come in the good books of boss, so do the next best thing by striking a friendship with his/ her favourites. Salon owners may find customers coming only for those services that they cannot do at home. Getting ticked off at school for an incomplete assignment is possible.

VirgoHealth Today

A seasonal ailment can get you out of action, if you are not careful. Those over sixty can retain fitness and good health through yoga. You must heed the pandemic protocols in vogue for your own safety. Dietary control is a must for those trying to control their weight.

Virgo Love Life Today

You are likely to meet someone who shares your ideas and interests. Wedding bells are in the offing for those engaged. Making a plan with your date for the weekend is indicated. Find happiness in the small things you do together and your relationship will grow stronger.

Lucky Number: 7

Lucky Colour: White

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