Watch: Sonu Sood shares tips on how to make perfect dosa at home – Times of India

This one is for all the dosa lovers out there who wish to make the perfect dosa at home. Recently, actor-producer Sonu Sood revealed the art of making the perfect dosa at home. He uploaded a video of preparing this popular South Indian delicacy, claiming it to be “famous.” He captioned the video as “Dosa time.”

In the video, he can be seen sprinkling water on a non-stick dosa pan and next he adds a thin layer of dosa batter using a spatula and says that making dosa is an art and this is the best dosa ever.

In the 2 minutes video, he jokingly mentioned that those actors who know how to make dosa on the set can actually bring down the production cost and with such acts, they can get more amount of work in the industry.

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Later, he can be seen pouring coconut chutney and a special powder in a paper plate. He says, “It’s a special powder used in the South.”

He adds, “I am often asked by the makers of my next venture to come on the set on my off days to make dosa for people because of my excellent cooking skills.”

He concludes the video by saying, “This is the best dosa ever. Khud kamao, khud khao.”

So, how many of you know how to make the perfect dosa at home? Tell us in the comment section.

Thumb Image Courtesy: Screengrab of Sonu Sood Instagram

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