What Accident Lawyers want you to know about Pedestrian Accidents?

What Accident Lawyers want you to know about Pedestrian Accidents?


In a bulletin from Safer Roads Ottawa, experts estimate that pedestrians are more than 284 times more likely to be killed in an accident than the motorist. The motorist is usually at fault in these accidents, but in about one-third of cases, pedestrians have been found to be at-fault.

Despite traffic being down during the pandemic, pedestrian accidents have been on the increase. Pedestrian accident lawyers in Ottawa with QTMG take a personalized approach to each personal injury case to help you get the treatment and compensation you need.  

Protect Yourself on the Road as a Pedestrian

You may have the right of way when you’re crossing the road as a pedestrian, but you can never assume that drivers will see you. Pedestrians need to be aware of the conditions when they are walking to protect themselves. Cross at crosswalks or traffic lights whenever possible. Keep clear of places where drivers can’t see you, such as between parked cars or hedges. Never rush into the street. When you are out walking after dark, try to wear clothing with some form of illumination that helps drivers see you in time.  

If you are injured in an accident with a motorist, discuss your claim with a personal injury lawyer in Ottawa to get full compensation.  

QTMG Personal Injury Lawyers want to help you know what to do if you’re the victim of any type of accident

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