What is Safer Internet Day? Check how it is celebrated

Ahead of the Safer Internet Day which is celebrated on February 9 to promote the safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, there are debates and discussions on Twitter about how 2020 has fared in terms of internet security. In this era of technology, the current generation relies on the internet for almost everything and thus, it has become a breeding ground for cybercriminals. 

Last year, cyber-attacks had increased due to work from home and several other factors and it is expected to rise further at an unprecedented rate in 2021. Keeping this in mind, Safer Internet Day will be celebrated on February 9.  It was first initiated in Europe in 2004 and by 2009, it had spread outside of Europe with the involvement of various committees and businesses worldwide. Currently, more than 150 countries celebrate Safer Internet Day globally.

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It can be celebrated by spreading awareness and by educating people on how to prepare and react when faced with cyber threats. Several organisations choose to celebrate Safer Internet Day by hosting webinars or podcasts about online safety. 

In a report published by OLX on the Internet usage habits of Indians, the internet usage of Indians spiked by 50% due to the pandemic and has also led to the increase in cyber frauds across 61% of Indian households. It added that the focus on right to privacy has pushed 81% of Indian Internet users to stop using or considering not using certain apps. In addition, 45% of the users said that they verify any news or information shared online, before acting upon them.

According to the study, 58% of the respondents said that all members of their families access the internet frequently while 15% said that the primary users of the Internet in their household were the elderly members. Meanwhile, 82% said they were aware of heightened cyber frauds that originated during the pandemic.

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