Your parenting style this pandemic, based on your zodiac sign | The Times of India

It’s been over a year now since the novel coronavirus came into our lives. And as much as we despise it, we’re still stuck in the same COVID era and the pandemic continues to disrupt our lives in the most unimaginable ways possible. A lot has changed over a course of one year but the situation still remains critical. Staying home and practicing social distancing has become key during such times. Especially, for parents, it has become all the more important to watch over their kids and also look after their own state of mind.

At a time like this, finding the right ways and mediums to deal with your kid and to manage familial relationships and finances has become a priority for many parents. Surely a lot of your parenting style has changed and shifted since the pandemic hit us. That said, to find out what kid of a parent you’ve been during this coronavirus episode, here’s your parenting style, as per your sunsign.

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